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See further,
plan better

See further, plan better

By Vortex Group

Strategise in advance with our wind and
weather forecast from 1 up to 12 months.
Harness the blend of dynamical modeling
and state-of-the-art AI


From our HPC
backend to our

From anomaly maps to tailored site analysis devised to beat climatology, we take advantage of our HPC backend to crunch the data, and then intuitively display it in our user-friendly interface.

Data Sources

Hyperlocal data,

Dynamical models are able to foresee anomalous behavior by exploiting teleconnections with broad weather patterns and slow-varying components of the Earth system. Using high resolution Vortex data, and AI to downscale them, we ensure the insights provided are also hyper-local and game-changing.

Usage scenarios

Born in the wind
sector, behind
leader’s back

O&M wind departments leverage wind speed monthly predictions to improve their power production estimates and budget planning. Nebbo was born there, behind Vortex’s back: world leader in modeled data. We are now seeking to continue delivering value with seasonal forecasts there, but more sectors can be easily benefited. All these are:

Operation &

(O&M) of wind farms

Monthly predictions allow you to better predict your park’s production and to adjust your budget accordingly.

Energy Trading

Optimize your portfolio by anticipating long-term weather patterns and periods of low energy production, months in advance.


From agriculture by mitigating the risk of harvest loss, to FMCG by anticipating high demand windows… There are many use-cases in which our seasonal forecasts can help you!