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Interface details

Information is provided in different formats in the Nebbo interface: global maps, sites and clusters predictions, and climatology. Historical data are also available in global maps for the last 4 years. For sites and clusters, historical data can be found in the climatology tab providing monthly analyses for the last 30 years including both wind speed and wind speed anomalies.

Global maps

Global maps of historical data from the ERA5 and forecasted raw data from the C3S Copernicus seasonal models are provided. Each layer can be downloaded as a .kmz file.

Historical layers are for the last 4 years. Anomalies for the last 3 years are presented for each quarter (Q1–Q4), semester (S1–S2), and full- year.

Monthly wind speed anomalies and the accumulated anomaly for the are also available for the current year. These layers are updated on the 7th of every month with information for the past calendar month.

Forecast layers are for each month, as well as for the next 3 and 6 months for all Copernicus seasonal models. These layers are updated on the 11th of every month.


Site Specific Seasonal Forecasts

Site-specific seasonal forecasts are presented in 4 different tabs: Nebbo Tendency, All Models, Monthly Predictions, and Validation Metrics.

Nebbo Tendency:

Nebbo Tendency is presented as a table with monthly wind speed anomaly forecasts and past month wind speed anomalies. Each row presents the Nebbo Seasonal model monthly forecasts from the forecast performed for that month (‘1 month’) through the next 6 months (‘6month’), and the ‘Anomaly’. The’Anomaly’ values are calculated from the hourly Vortex SERIES, which is used as a reference. This reference hourly series can be downloaded from the ‘Download series’ button for further analysis.


All models:

All the seasonal model distributions and mean values for the next 6 months are presented for comparison. The seasonal models include: 7 models from meteorological centres and the Nebbo seasonal model.


Monthly predictions:

Monthly wind speed anomaly forecast for next 6 months, 4 quarters, 2 semesters, and year. Predictability information for that period can be found in each prediction box. The predictability information is calculated through an analysis of the Nebbo SEASONAL model during the training period.

For the next 6 months, the monthly anomaly prediction values with the ensemble probability distributions are displayed. The ensemble probability distribution shows the terciles probability for eah tercile. The terciles threshold values are calculated from climatology analysis.

The wind speed anomaly forecasts for the next 12 months are presented in the ‘Monthly Predictions’ tab.

Site Specific Climatology Data

Through 30-year SERIES analysis, climatology information is also available for the last 30 years for each site including both wind speed and wind speed anomalies

Wind speed information is available for all years with monthly averages and wind speed monthly distributions per month.

Wind speed anomaly data is also presented with monthly anomalies per year and monthly anomalies for all years.

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